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                                       Our Supply Capacity For Recessed Shell Bitts
December 20,2018
Recessed Shell Bitts ( also named shell bitts, recessed bollard ) are a type of ship’s towing fitting installed on the side shell of the ship,which is normally provided to easily attach the towing lines where the height of the mooring deck is too high and protect the rope from any damage on the hull.
Our recessed shell bitts comply Panama and Suez Canal Rules,manufactured from high quality cast steel in various grades dependent upon the particular application and loadings required and supply with certification on your requirements (LR,ABS, BV, CCS etc).
Qingdao Seakong Marine Machinery Co., Ltd supplies a large wide from SWL5 to SWL200T.
·Material: Cast from high quality steel
·Size:  SWL5T,10T,20T,50T,64T,75T,90T,100T,110T,135T,150T,180T,200T
·For mooring or towing application
·Different steel grades for different applications
·Comply with the Panama Canal regulations
·Finish: Primed finish
• Welded Type
• Stiffening Plates on request
• Paint to your specifications
• Proof Load test 
• ABS,LR,BV,CCS Certs are on request

SWL10T Welded Type Recessed Shell Bitts           TM507006L-SWL10T                       
swl10t recessed shell bitts

SWL20T Casted Type Recessed Shell Bitts
swl20t recessed shell bitts

SWL50T Casted Type Recessed Shell Bitts                                           
swl50t recessed shell bitts


SWL90T Welded Type Recessed Shell Bitts 
swl90t recessed shell bitts

Shipment of Recessed Shell Bitts
shipment of recessed shell bitts

Load Test of Recessed Shell Bitts                                  3D Model of Recessed Shell Bitts               Casting Mold of Recessed Shell Bitts    
load test of recessed shell bitts     3d model of recessed shell bittscasting mold of recessed shell bitts-qingdao seakong marine



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