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                               The FAQ of Universal Roller Fairleads
                                               Standard 丨Design 丨Function丨Operation丨Maintenance
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Date:      September 18,2019
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Universal Roller Fairleads is a normal type of shipboard fittings used for mooring and towing operations.
I hereby sort all the FAQ that we meet.

1. Which standard and model of roller fairleads are popular ? 
Until now, the popular internation standards of roller fairleads are include as below
DIN81902-1998   Roller Fairleads
ISO 13733-2012  Universal roller fairleads with upper roller
British Standard  M
ulti-angle roller fairleads
JIS  F2026-1980  Fairleads with horizontal rollers
JIS  F2020-1979  Steel Plate Deck End Rollers
CB 3062-1979      Roller head fairleads
CB/T 3139-2000   Fairlead for St. Lawrence Seaway

The following enterprise standard or model are popularly used, such as
FA4  Universal Fairlead Roller
FA Series Fairleads
FA-D Series Double Fairleads
HAS Roller Fairleads
A3-1583 Multi-Angle Fairlead
NP Series Fairlead

2. How to design universal roller fairleads ? 
The following factors will be considered when we design roller fairleads
-Min. breaking load of mooring / towing line
-Safe Working Load
-Design Load
-Lead Angle
-The line direction is upward or not 
-Allowable Stresses
-The material of mooring or towing line
-Bend Radius
-Opening Size
-Chafe Projection
-Corrosion additions
-Wear down allowance
-whether the material grade of frame can be 
friendly with deck or hull structures
3. Which ways are to impove the function universal roller fairleads ? 
-low maintence
-replaceable components
sufficient spare parts
-corrosion resistant fixings
-utilitarian service kit
4. Do you have operation intruction manual of universal roller fairleads ? 
yes,please contact our sales team by email to
5. Can you supply maintence chart of universal roller fairleads ? 
yes,please contact our sales team by email to



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