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                                                         How To Design Swivel Head Fairleads ?
December 24,2018
Swivel Head Fairleads ( also named Swivel Head Anchor Fairleads or Swivel Fairleads ) always are used in anchor mooring positioning system of salvage crane vessel, for passing through anchor line with sockets/shackles and guiding the anchor line.
There are various tensile grades of wire rope such as 2160 Mpa/1960 Mpa/1870 Mpa/1770 Mpa,so always need different design loads for same diameter wire rope.
Qingdao Seakong Marine Machinery Co., Ltd always takes following factors as basic design thoughts
1. Design Main Shaft
Design the internal diameter of shaft as per the max. dimenson of wire socket or shackle
2. Choose suitable bearings
Considering the 
combined effect of radial load and axial load, we normally choose double adjustable center roller bearings or tapered roller bearings.
Each end of main shaft fitted with one bearing to ensure the force is balanced.
3. Design Sheave & Sheave Pin
Choose suitable sheave diameter,ensure no big abrasion/ no big bending force/ no rope skipping.
The sheave groove shall have suitable rockwell hardness to ensure long time of working life, this means the sheaves must be heat treated
4. Design the Base
The base shall be designed as per the Winch Location,Wire Direction,Height.
If Welded Type Base, we consider the welding area. If Bolted Type Base, we consider the anchoring force.
5.Detail Design
Avoid corrosion and wear by Oil Seal,O Rings etc
6.Special function design
Fitted with load pin/load cell



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